2018-19 Clubs

Art Club


 We will be learning about different artists and using different medium such as soft pastel, oil pastel, acrylic paint, and clay.  Spring Session will be on Wednesday afternoons.

Art Club Flyer

Drama Club


The Drama Club's performance of Sleeping Beauty is on April 5th at 6:30!  Come support your classmates!

Drama Club is open to all children 2nd-5th grades and will occur on Tuesday afternoons.

This club is full and the play has been cast!  

Drama Club Play Flyer

Martial Arts Club


Your child will enjoy learning basic martial arts skills, self defense techniques, build confidence, learn leadership skills, focus and team work building. Your child will benefit dramatically from participation in our martial arts club on Thursday afternoons.

Battle of the Books


Join an elite group of readers interested in battling book knowledge. This club is open to 4th or 5th grade students and meets on Friday mornings.  

Coles Relay for Life


Students interested in joining the Coles Relay for Life Team will have the exciting opportunity to organize and plan our fundraising booth for the event.  Personal fundraising is not a requirement.  Relay for Life will be held on Saturday 5/11 from 10 am - 10 pm at the PWC Fairgrounds!

The club meets on alternating Friday afternoons.

Coles Relay for Life Team

Technology Club


Last year, the Tech club won the county Tinkercad challenge with original 3D printed designs. This year, Tech club will continue to work with Tinkercad, a computer aided design software for 3D printing.   We will meet on Thursday afternoons and is open to 4th and 5th graders. This year round club is full!

Video Game Maker


Video Game Maker is run by Coder Kids and meets at the school on Monday afternoons. Open to Grades K-2 and space is limited!

Video Game Maker

Java Coding in Minecraft


Java Coding in Minecraft is run by Coder Kids and meets at the school on Monday afternoons. Open to Grades 3-5 and space is limited! 

Java Coding in Minecraft

Chess Club


 The Coles Chess Club will meet Thursday afternoons is accepting to up to 20 students with a desire to learn, play and share what they know about Chess. 

Garden Club


Coles Elementary Garden Club is registered with the Junior Master Gardner’s Program! We will be following their environmental curriculum as well as some activities from 4-H resources.  The club is open to all grade levels and meets on Monday afternoon.

Chorus Club

More exciting details to follow!

The Roadrunner Chorus will meet Tuesdays after school from 3:45-4:55 p.m. and is open to students in grades 3-5. Chorus will begin meeting again on March 26, up until the week of the concert on Thursday, May 30. 

Chorus Rehearsal Schedule

Student Council Association


The Coles Student Council Association will support our school community, improve the leadership skills of our officers and representatives, and promote communication between the administration, teachers, parents and students.

The Coles SCA is open to students in 2nd-5th grade and will meet on Friday mornings.

Hip Hop Dance Club


In this high energy class, students learn hip hop basics including break dancing, tutting, freezes and isolations, as well as iconic hip hop movements including the moon walk, the cabbage patch, the snake, and more!  The club is run by Message in Motion and will meet on Friday afternoons.

Hip Hop Dance Club Flyer

Cryptozoology Club


This club is full!

Do you want to investigate and explore the possibility that aliens and UFOs are real? Join us as we delve into this topic, navigate with experts and share our interests in cryptozoology. This club is open to 2nd - 5th graders and meets on Tuesday afternoons.

Robotics Club


More exciting details to follow! Robotics will begin in January!

News Crew Club



This year we will be working with students to create a morning news show that has more student responsibility, creativity, and involvement both on and off screen. 

Participants in the program will meet regularly to not only learn and discuss skills used to develop the morning news show stories but also how to operate and run equipment behind the scenes used for filming. The Coles News Show is going to be a Tuesday morning club this year and will be open to 5th graders. This club is full!

Cheerleading Club


Do you want to learn the cheers you hear at games? Do you love showing school spirit? Then this is the class for you! Cheer your school on to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y while learning all the basics of this sport including motions, jumps, chants and cheers, and foundations for basic stunting.

Cheerleading Club is run by Message in Motion and will meet at Coles on Mondays.

Cheerleading Club

Sign and Cue with Coles


The interpreter team  at Coles will be teaching families Sign Language and cued speech, along with playing games. 

It will be held every other Friday evening at Coles. You need to RSVPto the email address on the flyer and this is not a drop off event.

Sign and Cue with Coles